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Alpha Master Chrony Chronograph


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Alpha Master Chrony Chronograph

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Chronograph measures speeds from 30 to 7000 fps, calculating high, low and average velocities, extreme spread and standard deviation. It can be mounted on a tripod or placed on a table and measures 7-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 2-3/4" when folded. Made of durable 20 gauge steel, but it weighs less than 2-1/2 lbs. Individual shots can be deleted and the statistics will automatically adjust. Unit is powered by one 9 volt battery (not included) for 48 hours of continuous use and features an input jack for optional Ballistic Chrony Printer (sold separately). This Master Chronograph has a monitor which brings the large LCD up to your bench. Covered under a 3 year limited factory warranty.

Technical Information


  • Measures the speed of bullets, arrows, shotgun and airgun pellets, paintballs, etc, from 30 feet per second to 7000 feet per second.
  • Made of 20 gauge steel.
  • Weighs less than 2? pounds.
  • Uses one 9 volt alkaline battery (not included) for approx 48 hours of continuous use.
  • Mount onto a tripod or place on a table.
  • Has a large LCD-readout, 0.5" high.
  • Measures 7?" long, 4?" wide, and 2?" high when folded.
  • Has an adjustable size, triangular shooting area from 8"?8" to 14.5"?14.5". The sides of the triangular shooting areas are made of wire-rods; the top of the triangle is formed by a 2?" wide x 1/8" thick strip of tough, Hi-density polyethylene plastic.
  • The LCD-readout and most of the Electronics are located in a separate, small housing, the Control Monitor, connected to the housing with a 16 ft. telephone cord. This brings the LCD-readout right up to the shooting bench. The Control Monitor also functions as a Remote Control.
  • Gives numbered shot velocities.
  • Velocity stays on display until you shoot again.
  • One String, from 2 to 32 shot memory (Numbered).
  • Measures High, Low and Average Velocities, Extreme Spread and Standard Deviations.
  • Retrieval of individual shot velocity measurements.
  • Delete individual shots from memory (with automatic adjustment of Statistics)
  • Stereo Jack also works with optional Ballistic Chrony Printer.
  • Three year limited warranty when returned to manufacturer.
  • Upgrades to any model. To upgrade your Chrony, contact the manufacturer.
    Not for use with Neon or other flourescent lighting, as they flicker at twice the AC frequency and cause false readings.
  • For indoors, a light-diffuser and an incandescent light source must be located above each photo-sensor. Use an Indoor Shooting Light Fixture, product #432880.

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